British singer/songwriter Zoe Devlin Love has been in the music industry since the age of 14. At 17 she was the lead female vocalist with the band Alabama 3 (Theme tune to The Sopranos- link below) where she spent 7 years perfecting her performance and endurance skills on huge stages, radio and TV, and occasionally performed Jazz at Ronnie Scotts main stage in between touring.

Her first ever recording was with reggae legend “Prince Buster” at the age of 14, and she also gigged authentic Jamaican ska in Gaz Mayalls ‘The Trojans’, alongside members of Bob Marley’s Wailers, and other reggae legends for years. (Vin Gordon-Trombonist, Eddie Tan Tan-Trumpet)

Zoe has always written, produced and performed in a myriad of styles, for TV, (“Handmaids Tale”, “Billions.”) Computer Games (No1 in 4 territories with “S.W.A.G” by the Qemists sync for Blur on X Box.) and other artists.
She recently collaborated with Mousse T (Sex Bomb- Tom Jones/Horny) On his last album “Where Is The Love?” with a track she wrote the topline for called “Magnetize”. Mousse and Zoe are still collaborating on dance music projects together.

Recently signed to Resevoir/Reverb Publishing, by Tim Parry, her attention to detail, perfection and speed of turn around in her projects are making her future look very bright indeed. Zoe can write, perform, produce, sing, and play most instruments she needs to turn her hand to for the project in mind. She also has a unique and current sense of style and appearance, and there aren’t many who can tick all these boxes.

Zoe’s first solo album “NORADRENALINE” got instant airplay with Don Letts on BBC Radio6. Her dub/pop cover of “Once In A Lifetime” (Talking Heads) is a favourite of his.

She is currently in the middle of writing her second solo album with Youth Martin (Pink Floyd, The Verve, Hollie Cook, The Orb…)
It’s Rootsy, driven by strong melody, and has a reggae feel, dusted with edgy notes of electric guitar and vintage harmonies.

When she needed “Clash sounding guitar”, Keith Levene (Founder member of The Clash, and PIL) Happened to be in the studio, heard the tracks and immediately laid down guitar on three tracks. He left the electric guitar solos to her.