British singer/songwriter Zoe Devlin Love has been in the music industry since the age of 14. She was born in 1985 to a Scottish father and Malaysian mother and had her first recording with the reggae legend Prince Buster and then started signing with the Trojans. At 17 she was the lead female vocalist with the band Alabama 3 where she spent 7 years and occasionally perform jazz at Ronnie Scotts.

Zoe has written songs for other artists, TV and computer games before she embarked on writing for herself and wrote the songs to her first album, ‘Noradrenaline’, described as having the ‘edge of The Clash and the cool bass and style of Massive Attack and smothered with the sweetness of reggae’.

Reggae is the genre in which Zoe has come into her own, her magnificent voice and stage persona has won her kudos in the music industry when she appeared on XFactor in 2013. The Guardian said she is “A pocket size diva with a voice like a 10k rig”. Gaz Mayall said, “Zoe Devlin is my favourite great living female vocalist”. She has been the ambassador for music for Southwark Council and in 2018 she will join the headline acts at the Notting Hill Pioneers festival on 18 August.

Zoe’s songs are featured on episodes of Handmaid’s Tale and Capital FM have shown keen interest in her track To The Top. The sky’s the limit for this dynamic talented British reggae artist.